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He upholds our hand

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

The Psalms have such encouragement for us.  David, the man after God’s own heart, drew encouragement from his relationship with God.  God taught David many truths and David shared them with us in the psalms he wrote.  Psalm 37 is a great example.

David compares the righteous and the wicked; demonstrating the great inheritance that awaits those who have placed their trust in God as opposed to the wicked who will perish.  David even contrasts the lifestyle of the righteous and the wicked.  God changes the hearts of the righteous causing a change in their actions.

But despite the changes that are wrought by God in giving a new heart, even the righteous fall into sin.  David knew that very well as he took the path of adultery and deceit and murder.  But fortunately, he was granted repentance and returned to his God, seeking the forgiveness of his sins and asking for a clean heart within.

In Psalm 37:24, David says, in talking of the righteous, “though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong, for the LORD upholds his hand.”  He went on to say that he had never seen the righteous forsaken.  Certainly not, for the Lord promises He will never leave us or forsake us.

But He does more than just promise never to leave us.  He promises that the new heart He has given is permanent.  He promises that when we place our trust in the sacrifice of Christ, He declares us to be righteous.  He promises that our sins have been removed as far as the East is from the West.  He promises that our eternal home is with Him.

We all know the experience of falling into sin, even choosing to sin, as David did.  What discouragement that can bring to our hearts!  We may doubt whether God will forgive us again since the sin is the same as last time.  We may doubt whether His love is steadfast.  We may doubt whether the close relationship can ever be established again.  We may even be tempted to give up trying and walk away. 

But persisting in the trying is not the important thing; persisting in the trusting is what must continue.  We must take Him at His word.  We must believe that He does not “cast us headlong.”  We must trust that He upholds our hand.  We may have no more grip, but He never lets us go.  He upholds us with His hand.  Trust His strong hand today even if your grip is weak.

He upholds our hand.


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Amanda Stephens

This was a precious read this morning. Thank you, Dale! Scarlett learned to draw hands on Monday, and I have been finding little hand drawings all week. I will be grateful for all these reminders that God upholds us with his good and powerful hand.

Luke Duggins

Thank you, Dale, for the reminder. How kind He is to us sinners.

Mary Leadbetter

Beautiful Dale. Thank you.

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