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Worshipful servant

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Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

Genesis 24 records for us that Abraham was old and advanced in age.  He is the father of the faithful and God had blessed him in so many ways.  Yet he didn’t have a wife for his son, Isaac.   He didn’t want Isaac to marry from among the Canaanites, where he lived.  He called the oldest servant in his house, who had charge of all he had.  He told the servant to go to his former country, to his own kindred, and take a wife for Isaac.

From this point in the chapter, we learn good things about this servant whose name we don’t even know.  Some have speculated on who it might be, but, although his name is left out here, his character is not.

In verse 5, the servant asks Abraham what he should do if the woman he found might not be willing to come back with him.  Some servants might not have asked the question.  They might just go back and find anyone who might be willing to come or might even bring back someone by force.  But this servant was obedient to his master and wanted to do his master’s will.  He was honoring to his master.  He later swore to Abraham that he would do as he was told.

He made the long journey to Mesopotamia, arriving among Abraham’s kindred.   At this point, he prayed to the LORD God to grant him success in his search and show love to his master, Abraham.  This servant is praying to the LORD for assistance and the words of his prayer show his love and respect for his master.  He is not depending on his own efforts for success, but upon the LORD to guide him.  He prays specifically for direction from the LORD.

The LORD answered his prayer and sent Rebekah directly to him.  She identified herself and offered lodging.  The servant then bowed his head and worshiped the LORD.  Then he blessed the LORD, Who had answered his prayer.  He praised the LORD for His steadfast love and faithfulness.  He acknowledged that the LORD had led him to success. 

He was invited in and given water to wash his feet and his companions’ feet.  His camels were fed and he was offered food.  Yet his mission was more important than eating.  He wouldn’t eat until he shared why he was there.  He was on mission for his master and that was foremost in his mind.  He relayed his story, being careful to give the LORD praise for guiding him and telling them that he had worshipped the LORD.  He was vocal in his praise.

When Laban answered that Rebekah would be allowed to go back to Isaac, the servant again bowed himself before the LORD.  No doubt he was awed by the LORD’s goodness and recognized this was all the LORD’s doing.  Again, he was worshipping. 

Later, when they asked for 10 days delay for Rebekah, he stated that the LORD had prospered him on the journey and he should complete his mission.  Walking in obedience to his master, without delay, was of supreme importance. 

There is much about this nameless servant for us, who are servants of our Lord, to imitate.  May we be as willing to make sacrifices, even journeys, to follow the mission he has given us.  May we be faithful to ask for His direction in all things and obedient to follow where He leads.  May we watch carefully for His guiding and praise Him when He directs.  May we praise Him for His goodness.   May we acknowledge His goodness before others.  May we labor to complete the mission He has given.  May we set aside other things, even eating, if necessary to our mission.  Most of all, may we worship Him.  May He make us worshipful servants.


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Larry Dean

Amen! Thanks, Dale.

Larry A. Dean
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