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Not worthy, but blessed

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

In looking at the life of Jacob, we are disturbed by many things.  He played upon Esau’s fatigue and foolishness and bought Esau’s birthright with only bread and stew.  Later, he lied to and deceived his father, Isaac, and stole Esau’s blessing, then fled from Esau rather than seeking reconciliation. 

He went to live with his uncle Laban and some would say that he schemed against Laban to gain the upper hand in numbers of flocks and herds.  Ultimately God told him to return to his own land, but he didn’t leave on good terms and seemed to run away rather than seeking reconciliation.  Upon journeying to his own land, he was fearful of seeing Esau again and tried to placate Esau with gifts of flocks and herds. 

Despite Jacob’s shortcomings, God had blessed him with abundance in the 20 years he served with Laban.  As he approached Esau, we see a humility of spirit in Jacob as we read his first recorded prayer to God in Genesis 32.  He says, “I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies and of all the truth which You have shown Your servant…..”  Its not clear how Jacob perceived his past and current sins, but he certainly acknowledged that his prosperity was due to God’s blessing and that he was undeserving.  He asked that God deliver him from the hand of his brother.  He recognized that he needed God’s help and blessing for, not only his family and material goods, but also for his very life.  He knew that his safety and his prosperity were out of his hands and in God’s.

We are all in the same position.  Our safety and our prosperity are out of our hands and in God’s.  We, too, are liars and deceivers as Jacob was.  We are undeserving of God’s mercy and truth.  Yet, our gracious God, in His grace has revealed the truth about Himself in showing us that the Son is the Truth.  He has given us eyes to see and ears to hear and faith to believe in the Lord Jesus.  He has delivered us from the domain on darkness just as He delivered Jacob from Esau and Laban.  He has showered us with mercy and truth. 

We should not copy a number of things in Jacob’s life, but we can certainly take heed to the things in his prayer.  May we acknowledge God’s goodness and forgiveness in Christ despite our sin.  May we recognize our need for his deliverance from our current sins.  May we look to Him for help in every decision.  May we seek reconciliation in every broken relationship.  May we call upon Him in prayer for every concern.  May we never forget that we are not worthy, but blessed.


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Mary Leadbetter

Thank you, Dale, for the reminder. So true.

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