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He gave a deliverer

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Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

As we read 1 and 2 Kings, a pattern unfolds regarding God’s chosen people.  In both kingdoms, Israel and Judah, kings reign over the people.  Some kings reigned for a long period; some for only a short time.  For most of the kings, the picture is not good.  They don’t follow the Lord’s commandments and lead the people astray into following the gods of the nations around them.

For this disobedience, the Lord brings sad consequences in terms of having other nations subjugate them for a period.  Such was the case in 2 Kings 13 when Jehoahaz became king over Israel.  Jehoahaz did evil in the sight of the Lord and made Israel sin.  God was angry with them and gave them into the hand of Hazael, king of Syria.  Hazael and his son, Ben-hadad, oppressed the people.  The Lord saw the oppression of His people as Jehoahaz sought His favor.

Verse 5 records, “Therefore the LORD gave Israel a savior, so that they escaped from the hand of the Syrians, and the people of Israel lived in their homes as formerly.”

This is only one of many occasions when the Lord sent a deliverer to His people.   But all of them picture the Lord Jesus Christ, our great deliverer.

All of us were in bondage to the king of this world, Satan, and he oppressed us greatly.   We were in bondage to the sin we inherited from our parents and to our own corrupt passions and desires to please ourselves.  God saw our oppression and provided the only way out for us, our only hope of deliverance.  He sent the Lord Jesus to deliver us from that bondage and set us free.  He is the only deliverer, the only mediator between God and man.  Belief and trust in His deliverance frees us from the bondage to our enemy and from only sinful inclinations.  He not only delivers, but He gives us new inclinations, a new heart, to follow Him rather than ourselves.  Just as Israel escaped from the hand of the Syrians, we escape from the subjection of our former king. 

Our verse tells us that, following their deliverance, the people lived in their homes as formerly.  The Lord has given us a new home as well.  David ends Psalm 23 by saying that he will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.  Our deliverer has given us a new home and assures us that He is preparing a place for us to dwell with Him forever.  Thanks be to God for the pictures that point us to the Great Deliverer.  Thanks be to God for the reality of the Great Deliverer.  Thanks be to God that we will see the Great Deliverer and live with Him forever.



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