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Vessels of mercy

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Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

The apostle, Paul, gives us some phrases in Romans 9 that are such a comfort to a believer.  Paul begins the chapter by talking about his heart going out to Israel because they have not trusted in the Savior.   Despite being blessed with so many things, over such a long period, Israelites, for the most part, have rejected their Messiah. 

That is true, not only of Israel, but of Gentiles as well.  The majority of Gentiles reject the Redeemer.  In fact, all of us would reject Him except for God’s intervention.  Fortunately, Paul talks about how God intervenes.  The word, “mercy,” occurs several times in the chapter. 

Paul informs us that God chooses to show mercy on whomever He will have mercy.  In doing so, He chooses to make some vessels of mercy.  He chooses to make clay pots, as Paul calls us, both here and in 2 Cor 4, and He chooses to make some of them into vessels of mercy.

Paul even says God makes some clay pots into vessels of mercy in order to make known the riches of His glory and that He has prepared those vessels beforehand for glory.  All of that activity shows God’s amazing intervention in history.

The comfort we find in such activity as believers is that our God has made us as vessels of mercy.  He could have easily made us as vessels of wrath prepared for destruction, as Paul describes other vessels.  But, instead, He has shown us mercy.  We don’t see any evidence of our involvement in what kind of vessels we will be.  It seems to be because of God’s mercy, Paul says.  God chooses to show mercy to some of the vessels He makes.  If we are believers in Christ, it’s because of God’s mercy.

So, both Israelites and Gentiles, become “His people who were not His people, beloved who were not beloved.”  We have been shown mercy who were not deserving of mercy.

May we rejoice today that we have been made vessels of mercy.  May we thank Him for making us His beloved.  May we rest in the favor He has shown us.  May we be vessels of honor for the Potter.  May we reflect His glory.


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Larry Dean

Amen and amen!!

Larry A. Dean
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