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Great care for His own

By Dale Stonecipher in Redeemer Church about 1 year ago | 1068 views Link:

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

Luke 12 presents us with a number of ways in which God cares for His own.  It’s an encouragement and comfort for us to know that the great God of all creation shows such wonderful care for those who are His.

At the beginning of the chapter, Jesus is surrounded by thousands, yet He speaks to His disciples warning them of false teaching and hypocrisy from some.  He does not want His disciples to fall under teaching that would lead them astray from the truth of God.  He says all such teaching will eventually be shown for what it is.

Next He warns his friends to fear only God.  Those who only have the power to kill the body cannot deprive God’s own of their inheritance because He does not forget them.  He uses an example that sparrows are very inexpensive, yet a believer is of more value than many sparrows and that even the hairs on our heads are numbered.  Such is God’s loving care for His own that He knows us very deeply and values us richly.

He tells His disciples not to be anxious because He will supply them with words of response when they are persecuted.  He will supply the Holy Spirit’s teaching in the hour it’s needed. 

Jesus warns against covetousness because desire for other things takes our attention away from God and His benevolence toward us.  He desires us to be rich toward God rather than having the riches of this world.  His care for us places the emphasis on our relationship with Him.

Jesus went on to tell His disciples not to worry about anything because God would provide what is needed.  He uses the metaphor of God feeding even the birds and assures the believers that they are of more value than the birds.  He shifts the metaphor to the lilies of the field which God arrays with beauty and assures them that God will clothe His own as well.  He comforts them by telling them that God knows what is needed and is willing and able to meet every need.

Because of God’s gracious care, a believer can rest in His steadfast love and know that He will never forsake His beloved.

In light of these great truths, Jesus gives instructions in how a believer is to live in gratitude and eagerness.  He says the waist is to be girded and the lamps burning.  In other words, the believer is to live in expectancy of His return with full hope.  In the meantime, He warns that there is a cost to following Him and that a true servant will be busy about the tasks which God has given him and will be caring for others, following the example of His Lord.

May we rest in the love and care of God for us and may we follow His example and show that love and care toward others.


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Jenifer Farah

Thank you for this post, Dale.  I’m praying that none of us will be anxious, but our congregation will be confident of His steadfast love and care.

Donna Dean

Amen.  Thank you for these encouraging words.

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