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Remember the deeds of the Lord

By Dale Stonecipher in Redeemer Church 3 months ago | 641 views Link:

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

Asaph is obviously in some kind of difficulty as he writes Psalm 77.  He says he is troubled and his soul refuses to be comforted and his spirit is faint.  He is crying out to the Lord in the night, stretching out his hands, perhaps lying on his bed with his arms extended toward heaven, reaching out symbolically for God.  I wonder how many of us have found ourselves in hard circumstances and have also physically reached with our arms toward God, pleading with Him to hear and answer.

Asaph even wonders if the Lord will spurn forever and never again be favorable.  He asks whether God’s steadfast love has ceased and if His promises are at an end.  He questions if God has forgotten to be gracious and has shut up His compassion in anger.

But in the midst of his anguish, Asaph remembers who he’s questioning.  He remembers that God is holy and that there is no god like Him.  He recalls the mighty deeds of the Lord in history and perhaps in his own life.  He meditates on those deeds, thus carrying his mind to a different place.  He is getting his focus off His trouble and on his great God.

He calls to mind that the Lord is the Redeemer, likely thinking about the deliverance of Israel from bondage in Egypt.  But that deliverance calls to mind that the Lord is the Redeemer of His people, delivering them from the bondage to sin, placing them in Christ, the Perfect Rest.

How great a deliverance that was from Egypt!  Asaph refers to the path through the sea created by the Deliverer.  How much greater the deliverance from sin that our Lord Jesus has provided by His perfect sacrifice!  He provided a path to freedom for those in Christ Jesus.

Believer in Christ, whatever difficulty faces you today, remember our great God and His deeds.  Remember the sacrifice He made to accomplish or redemption.  Remember that He has released us from bondage and given us freedom.  Remember His great deed in transferring our sin to Christ and His perfect righteousness to us.  In addition, remember His other deeds in taking us through past challenges by His Spirit.  Remember how hard those times were and how troubled we might have been, but He brought us through them.  Remember His promise not to forsake us.  Remember that His steadfast love endures forever.  Remember all the great deeds of the Lord in scripture and in our own lives and rejoice at His goodness.


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Donnie Dalton Jr.

Thank You Lord for Your Great Deeds🙌🙌🙌

Mary Leadbetter


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Ann McCormick

As the old gospel song says, “Count your many blessings, name then one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.” How very true.

Abbey Byford

Thank you for your constant encouragement through the weekly truths!

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