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The Righteous Branch is our Priest and King

By Dale Stonecipher in Redeemer Church about 1 year ago | 471 views Link:

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

In Zechariah 6, the prophet received a word from the Lord that he was to speak to Joshua and ultimately to us.  The Lord said, “Behold, the Man whose name is the Branch!  For He shall branch out from His place, and He shall build the temple of the LORD; It is He who shall build the temple of the LORD and shall bear the royal honor, and shall sit and rule on His throne; and there shall be a priest on His throne, and the counsel of peace shall be between them both.”

This word from the Lord is saying that the one who will be called the Branch will be both priest and king.  Israel had known a long line of priests and had been subject to a number of kings.  But priests and kings are separate offices.  Priests aren’t kings and kings aren’t priests. 

God also said that the Branch would build the temple and bear royal honor.  Who is this one who can be priest and king and build a temple and bear royal honor, glory?

Isaiah had spoken of the Branch of the LORD being beautiful and glorious.  Jeremiah had said the Lord would raise for David a Righteous Branch who would reign as king and deal wisely and would execute justice and righteousness in the land.  His name would be called, “The LORD is our righteousness.” Jeremiah repeated the same thing later in his book.

Who is this one who is a righteous branch of David and who can execute justice and righteousness?  It seems the prophets are talking of someone who is beautiful and glorious and righteous and a king and a priest and wise and is able to execute justice and righteousness and build a temple. 

No one is all those things except our Lord Jesus Christ.  He sprang from David’s linage.  He is our great High Priest who made the perfect sacrifice to bring us to God.  He is the king who bears royal honor and will reign over all His creation and rule with justice for those who do not believe in Him and in mercy and grace for His own. 

He acts with perfect wisdom because He has perfect knowledge and is good and righteous.  Because He dwells in His people by His Spirit, He is building the temple as he builds His church.  All those things and more make Him beautiful and glorious.  He is the one to whom the prophets were pointing as they talked of the Righteous Branch.

May we worship from the heart the Righteous Branch Who is our Priest and King.



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